Musings: d20 Fallen London

Author: David VC / Labels:

Some thoughts on running a Fallen London campaign with D&D 3.5 rules.

Why not? It's certainly a "level-up" sort of game.

DEATH: This of course is the BIG BIG change. My suggestion: every time a player dies, he returns 1d20 hours later, but with a negative level as if struck by an Energy Drain attack. When his negative levels equal his class level, he becomes a Tomb Colonist. (Undead, -4 Charisma)


BARD: A good choice for the Bohemian, the journalist, the Anarchist, the Stage Magician...

ROGUE: The eternal and universal class. If you ever hope to visit the Topsy King you better learn to climb.

WARRIOR: Allow trade of Heavy Armor for Firearms Proficiency. Allow trade of Shield skill for a Rogue skill (except for Constables, who probably need riot shields). Also consider the Thug variant. Perhaps a Pit-FIghter specializing in unarmed combat.

MAGE: The average Londoner didn't believe in magic before the Fall. But the fact that the Masters have strict edicts against sorcery is enough proof that it's out there.

Most likely the hobbies of certain Society folk in secret lodges. (What really goes on at the Parthaneum?)

The factions of the Glass and the Veil at Mahagony Hall, certainly. Possibly Prestige Classes.

The Ministry of Public Decency is on the lookout for anything resembling a spellbook. Perhaps a visit to Clathermont's is in order...

Geometers in the Shuttered Palace?

Scholar of the Correspondence would be a Prestige Class.

CLERIC: If the Bishop of Southwark's not a D&D Cleric I don't know what is!

MONK: Yes, we've seen one...

BARBARIAN: Not a local, that's for sure. Perhaps from the Surface or the Elder Country?

DRUID: Even more unlikely. A lonely hermit living in peace with the swamp creatures or passing through Prickfinger Wastes without a trace...

RANGER: A Hunter in the marshes would be the perfect Ranger. Also consider the Urban Ranger Variant for a Constable Detective. How about a job at the Labyrinth?

ARTIFICER: LOTS of potential with this one. WIth the Arcane classes hunted and the Divine spells certainly impeded (they're right next to Hell after all...) this may become the more powerful class. Especially if you're a Rattus Faber or want to build a Zubmarine later...

Familiars/Animal Companions: Most animals talk, don't they?

Homunculi: Perhaps "living clothing" like the Exceptional Hat or Voracious Gloves would count.

Paladin: Who besides the Bishop would want to charge Hell on a holy mount?

PSIONICIST: Are the Rubbery Men related to the Illithids?