The Show Must Go On

Author: David VC / Labels: ,

Dearest Brother,

Well Darien, you've certainly come out on top this time. Why the citizens of the Neath would want to read your mad scribblings is beyond me, but look at you, swimming in Echoes and holed up in the Bazaar with your hooded friends!

No, I'm not going to ask you for another loan. Not that you need me to pay the other ones back now, do you? [Think again, brother.] Seriously, I've got a new job now. I'm the new Stage Engineer at Mahagony Hall! Imagine, that degree came in handy after all!

I've been busier than a deck of zailors tripping over a broken crate of glass eyes lately. Mondays is light play The Inconvenient Aunt is going over quite well! Remember that joke about the spirifer's fork in the orderbs? [Hors' douvres? Good Lord! your spelling is still as atrocious as ever!] It's brings the house down! Not a real spirifer's fork, of course. And a mouthful of radium-infused spagetti... [Radium WHAT? That sounds more dangerous than a real spirifing! I better check for glowing fingerprints on this letter!]

I work behind the scenes on Wednesdays preparing the stage for the Clay Man Group. [What madness is this?] I have to reinforce the floor for their clowinsh antics or they would fall right through the stage. [I have my contacts. He's weakening the floor, not strengthening it. The bowing planks under the clay-smeared human actors make them seem heavier than they truly are.]

Fridays, the place is packed. Mademoiselle Jennette was booed off stage last month. I could tell the moment she plodded on stage that the stupid cow sold her soul! That pale devil patron of yours was cackling from the balcony! We now have the lovely Miss Scarlet as Friday's headliner. She sings that song...oh that song...Fallen London!

Encore after encore! To watch from the behind the stage...the crowd all singing along with glassy eyes as if they're searching their own souls or the hollow pits that used to hold them!
[Alright, now I'm jealous. Can you get me tickets? I'll write off one of the loans..?]

Saturday's? That's the true test of my engineering skills. Oh I'd love to show you my blueprints, but I'm bound by contract not to reveal their secrets. I hope you understand.

Sunday, the Kashmiri XXXXXXXXXXX Princess! [Hiding something, Gabriel?] So enchanting! Especially when you're that close to the frankincense.

Best part of working for the Hall? The cast parties. Sorry I can't invite you.

[Sorry I can't invite you to meet Mr. Chimes, you pompous buffoon!]

Sincerely Yours,

M. Gabriel Mason

P.S. Wren lost another gas canister, please send another? Better yet, can we come pick one up?

[You lost your lease at bookstore, didn't you?]