Dossier: Dr. Mason

Author: David VC /

Name: Darien James Mason
Age: late 40's
Gender: Male


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs.
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Brown, characteristic handlebar mustache and tuft on chin.
Face/Complexion: Caucasian
Build: Superbly Fit
Defining Marks:
Dress Style:
Formal: Dresses impeccably in a black suit top hat with white ruffles. Some call it "classic", some call it "hopelessly out of date."

Possessions always on his person: Never seen without his doctor's bag. Especially fond of his radium goggles. Carries a bejeweled cane with him at social events.
Manner of Speech: American accent (Marylander), subdued by decades of life in Fallen London.
Manner of Movement: "quiet, purposeful strides"
Physical Health: Very healthy, occasional bouts of laudanum dependency
IQ: Brilliant
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert. Easily prompted to elaborate on his studies.
Mental Health: Very strong-willed, but always slightly off-kilter. Only two recorded stays at the Bethlehem Hotel.
Goals/Dreams: To unlock the secrets of Fallen London and reconcile the differences between the physical laws of the Neath and the Surface. Also an avid pursuer of the Correspondence.
Hobbies/Interests: Avid reader and collector of scientific, medical, and anthropological literature.
Talents: Drawing, writing.
Vices: Has been known to get slightly tipsy at parties.
First Impression: A mustachioed American
Philosophy of Life: "Hatred and Jealousy are bad for your blood pressure."

Occupation: Doctor and Surgeon (that burdensome division between the two professions in English medicine vanished after the Fall)
Education: Privately tutored at the Mason Plantation outside of Baltimore, sent to medical in London. Completed his training after the Fall. Barred from the University after that business with the ______________.
Home: Primary Residence is a three-room flat at the Bazaar. Also has several hideaways/offices in less grandiose sections of Fallen London, including a luxury townhome, a spare room over a gambling den called the Sixes and Sevens, and a cottage near Watchmaker's Hill.
Finance: Unquestionably wealthy. Well connected in the highest social circles. Published various works of fiction and non-fiction. Acknowledged connection to the Brass Embassy through his adopted daughter Ama, a half-devil, who works as an assistant to Mr. Bloodwing, a senior devil at the Embassy.

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Unknown. Has been spotted visiting houses of ill repute with doctor's bag in hand, ostensibly for "business calls." Further questioning invariably leads to the discussion of his Black Ribbon pin.


Animal: Koen, a black kitten with red socks, tail and ear-tips he rescued from a game of Pass the Cat.
Color: Teal
Drink: First Sporing, Caligula Coffee (Special Blend)
Food: Frequents a kosher delicatessen on Ladybones Road.
Scent: "There's nothing like the smell of a freshly-sanitized operating theatre!"
Thing to Do: Research

Least Favourite:

Animal: Giant Thunder-Bats
Drink: Black Wings Absinthe
Food: Rubbery Lumps
Thing to do: Wild goose chases at Wilmot's End, bailing his brother out of jail, theological husbandry


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